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Successfully transferring your business

A business transfer is the transfer of management, expertise, and ownership of a company. Each transfer is unique and takes place at its own pace. It unfolds as each party makes choices. It is a Cycle of Creation.

If you’re visiting this section of our site, you’re possibly considering, in the short or medium term, transferring your business to a family member and/or to one or more key executives, or even selling it. We can assist you in making choices that optimize the potential of each individual and that represent the highest opportunity for the company.

To find out more about the subject, we invite you to watch this video.

A lack of planning and consideration for the human aspect are the main reasons for the failure of a business transfer.

Are you currently experiencing any of the following?

Not sure where to start with the business transfer project? Are you running around in circles with the business transfer plan?

Are you afraid of losing control?

Do you have questions about choosing a successor?

Are you afraid of missing out financially?

Are you experiencing communication difficulties?

Do you want to address and free yourself from the unspoken, the heaviness, and the discomfort?

Are you afraid of aggravating and creating conflict by addressing sensitive issues?

Would you like to experience a business transfer with clarity, harmony, fluidity, and efficiency?

The circles illustrate the three key components of a business transfer’s Cycle of Creation in its entirety. The transactional component is often the first to be addressed. In our experience, the project’s highest potential is unveiled when the people are placed at the heart of all stages of the business transfer.

We offer you assistance with these three components that encompass the entire business transfer project. Whether you are just starting or more advanced in your transfer project, we assist you in harmonizing relationships and the transaction.

Business Transfer – Situational Assessment

We conduct individual meetings with the current owner(s), successors, key managers, and possibly even family members not actively involved in the business, based on your specific needs. The snapshot, therefore, provides insight into:

The progress and vision of each person concerning the transfer of management , expertise, and ownership of the business.

Identification of those elements that are aligned and in harmony, and sources of current and potential disharmony.

A summary of each person's perceptions and the key findings from the individual interviews with an interactive and dynamic action plan.

All activities to be carried out and the short, medium, and long-term priorities for an efficient, smooth, and harmonious business transfer.

If you would like to have a ” Situational Assessment ” of your business transfer project, mentoring is available in our boutique.

If your business transfer project has been underway for some time and you would like assistance with the next steps and how to harmonize the transfer of management, expertise, and ownership, you can also schedule a private call or a series of calls to exchange ideas. Personalized mentoring to assist you with your entire business transfer project is also available upon request.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer them.

The transfer of management and expertise

We accompany you by offering a neutral and authentic viewpoint to plan, harmonize, facilitate, and make decisions with clarity.

We accompany you by offering a neutral and authentic viewpoint to plan, harmonize, facilitate, and make decisions with clarity.

Exploration, and identification of the successors and their commitment level.

Harmonizing each party's vision of how to allocate roles, the rhythm, and the before and after of the transition according to each person's area of excellence.

Identification and planning of the necessary activities relating to the transfer of knowledge and expertise, as well as the required timeframe.

The creation of a Harmony Agreement between the company's shareholders to provide a clear framework for the company's day-to-day operations, decision-making, and the partnership in general (`` Additional document Shareholders Agreement ``).

The interpersonal aspect in its entirety.

Ownership Transfer

We accompany you by offering a neutral and authentic look in order to plan and make decisions with clarity and solidity regarding:

Choosing which professionals to involve and optimizing the synergy between them.

Optimization of the fiscal aspects of the transaction for all stakeholders and the owner(s)' financial planning. *

Harmonizing the sale price, terms, and conditions of the transaction. *

Presentation of the project and creation of the business plan. *

Financing the transaction. *

The entire transactional aspect.

Post-transaction business management.

* Assistance in collaboration with the client’s trusted professionals and/or Synaxon Expansion can refer professionals from its network of trusted collaborators.



Proposes actions to be taken and avenues to be explored in order for the business transfer to be efficient and harmonious.

Provides clarity regarding the interactive and ‘living’ action plan of the transfer project

Optimizes well-being and physical and mental health

Encourages awareness and openness to welcome each party's perceptions

Harmonizes the unspoken

Offers peace of mind, peace, and harmony

Opens up a world of possibilities to foster the expression of each person and company's highest potential

Optimizes complementarities and brings a sense of being well supported

Facilitates harmony and joy by encouraging openness and authenticity in relationships between all parties, with the team and with loved ones

Brings clarity to each person's point of choice

Optimizes each party's commitment to creating the transfer

Concretely saves both time and money


3 Commitment Levels & Types of Available Resources


Discover the essence of Synaxon Expansion’s approach and the return to the essence of business through various free resources, some without direct assistance from us.


Experience the resources created and offered by Synaxon Expansion, which allow you to know and become aware of new possible avenues to return to the essence of business and place humans at the heart of every project.

Business Transfer Situational Assessment – Situational Assessment – Explore the French version while we finish translating the French content to English.


To be accompanied in taking your inspirations and putting them into action and concrete manifestation. Through our assistance, you have the opportunity to make a conscious choice and commitment to connecting to your uniqueness and excellence. We create an environment of trust to express the highest potential of your professional and personal projects.

Successfully transferring your business – Mentorship  – Explore the French version while we finish translating the French content to English.