Harmonizing Partnerships

It goes without saying that every human being who develops a partnership, whether through a corporation or a collaboration with an external partner, has no desire for conflict or adversity. But, when disharmony and misunderstanding do occur, what can be done? Prior to terminating a partnership, we suggest a number of ways to develop a harmonious collaboration.

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Are you experiencing discomfort in your business partnership?

Are you about to create a new business partnership and are eager to get off to a good start?

Are there any unspoken or unresolved issues within your partnership?

Do you avoid addressing certain situations out of fear of creating more disharmony or out of fear of losing?

Is there daily heaviness in your partnership(s)?

Do you feel that the partnership is inequitable or that your contribution is not being honored as it should be?

Do you observe cliques or a decrease in your team's commitment and efficiency?



The circles represent the essence of an effective and harmonious partnership. The Individual Contribution Circle represents each partner being free to be who they are in their entirety and to shine in their uniqueness while contributing to the success of the business and partnership.

At the heart of any successful partnership is when the unique contribution of each partner is honored and put to use in the service of a common corporate project.

Synaxon Expansion can assist you in bringing harmony to your partnership by providing clarity to each partner’s commitment as well as to the way day-to-day operations and decision-making take place.


Here are a few elements that we can assist you in clarifying and harmonizing:

Contribution: roles, and activities of each shareholder

Compensation, vacation, and benefits

Corporate management

Meetings and honoring commitments

Clarity and financial management

Situations of disharmony

Harmonizing can take many forms:

Creating the foundation and framework for a new partnership. Establishing a clear picture of each other’s positioning regarding time and money and the vision of the partnership, among other things. Positioning allows us to identify the elements that need to be harmonized from the start to ensure a smooth and efficient expansion.

Identify the sources of heaviness and disharmony in the current partnership. Accompany you in identifying with clarity other possible approaches that enable energy and actions to be focused on the company’s projects and reason for being rather than on internal conflicts.

Create a harmony agreement to clarify, facilitate and simplify relationships, guiding principles, vision, financial decisions, human capital management, and the framework for day-to-day operations, all in addition to the shareholders’ agreement.

The HARMONY, EFFICIENCY, and POWER equations guide our harmonization approach.

Do you feel the power and freedom that’s possible through the complementarity of each person’s uniqueness and contribution?



Peace and quiet in the company's daily life

The expression of each partner's highest potential as well as that of the common project

Optimization of physical and mental health and well-being

Freedom from heaviness and resentment

Clarity and fluidity in the daily functioning of the partnership

Harmony in the relationships among partners and with your loved ones

A return to efficiency and harmony within the company (energy is brought to the right place)

Clarity in each person's positioning regarding whether or not to pursue the partnership

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