Rising to your highest potential as an entrepreneur and as a company

The success of a project always starts with the entrepreneur and their clarity of vision, state of being, connection to their uniqueness, and highest potential. We know that you have all the answers within you. For countless reasons, we tend to disconnect from our essence, occupying space within us and preventing us from seeing the resources available within and around us.

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Are you experiencing any of these situations?

Do you feel that you are losing control of your business or even your life?

Do you feel a drop in vitality and energy?

Do you feel heaviness, discomfort or unspoken issues in certain relationships, including you with you?

Do you notice that human and financial resources are not being used to their full potential in your business?

Are revenues increasing but profits decreasing?

Whether you are starting, expanding or continuing your business, we can assist you in addressing with clarity and fluidity existing concerns as you connect to your highest potential and that of your projects so that it is in harmony with you and all areas of your life.

Would you like to experience more efficiency and fluidity?

Below is how an entrepreneur feels depending on their stage of life and what frequently occurs in business.

In start-up and creation mode: the entrepreneur is often “at” and “the” center of all the company’s activities. They are alone or surrounded by people who believe in the project. They question themselves, they organize themselves or not, they are active, they create new relationships, or they are in “learning mode” concerning the market and their products and services, among others. They are enthusiastic and passionate, and at the same time, they can experience financial and psychological insecurities. They work relentlessly, unaware that their efforts are to the detriment of other areas of their life, such as their health or their family and personal relationships.

In expansion: the entrepreneur surrounds themselves and shares the responsibilities. For various reasons, it is often easier said than done, and the entrepreneur is afraid of losing control of finances, the team, the quality of service, etc. There is often a period of turbulence that affects the leaders’ quality of life, ways of doing things, organizing themselves, of communicating so that each team member contributes effectively and in coherence with the company’s vision and guidelines. The entrepreneur sometimes feels alone at the top with fears, doubts, and discomforts and experiences a loss of reference points. There is a transition in their role, and in order to be effective, they must “detach” themselves from certain operational activities to be able to have a global vision, be more objective, and be at the service of their company.

Ongoing: Sometimes, there are choices to be made: whether to continue expanding, plan an acquisition, plan a succession, sell, or transfer the business. The entrepreneur then goes through a question period both professionally and personally. They may begin to feel the need to slow down. If the day-to-day operations of the business are becoming more and more burdensome and inspiration and enthusiasm for growth are waning, it is time to take action to ensure the company’s perennity.



Each entrepreneur has a unique way of communicating, creating, producing, and sharing, as this uniqueness transcends comparison and competition.

Fears, limiting beliefs, patterns, unspoken words, and discomforts in relationships often drain our energy and inhibit clarity, creativity, and access to intuition.

Synaxon Expansion offers assistance in seeing clearly and freeing yourself from the elements that hold you back from expressing your highest potential with fluidity and vitality. It is up to you to share your unique contribution while shining and aligning your daily actions with your purpose and uniqueness.



Each company has a unique contribution to offer, whether regionally or globally. The expression of the company’s highest potential is achieved through the influence of each team member, through a clear and shared vision and guidelines in an environment that fosters commitment and productive and harmonious collaboration. With this clarity, it becomes much easier to optimally align and allocate human, financial, technological, material, and physical resources.

Profits and productivity will inevitably result from this collective energy and intelligence



Exponential expansion in all its forms

Allows access to one's uniqueness and intuition with ease and on demand

Allows each team member to be engaged and in their zone of excellence

Cultivates and increases resilience, creativity, vitality and overall health

Aligns your interpersonal relationships with team, clients, collaborators, family and friends

Release of fears and burdens

Enables access to quality of life and well-being


3 Commitment Levels & Types of Available Resources


Discover the essence of Synaxon Expansion’s approach and the return to the essence of business through various free resources, some without direct assistance from us.

Performer Autrement au Quotidien Podcasts – Available in French only.

Au Coeur de l’Entrepreneur Webtélé – Available in French only.

Welcoming Expansion – Bilingual Facebook group

La Trilogie entrepreneuriale  individuel – Tool – Available in French only


Experience the resources created and offered by Synaxon Expansion, which allow you to know and become aware of new possible avenues to return to the essence of business and place humans at the heart of every project.

Les Masques de la Performance – Workshop – Explore the French version while we finish translating the French content to English.

The Entrepreneurial Trilogy for Enterprise – Tool & Private calls – Explore the French version while we finish translating the French content to English.

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To be accompanied in taking your inspirations and putting them into action and concrete manifestation. Through our assistance, you have the opportunity to make a conscious choice and commitment to connecting to your uniqueness and excellence. We create an environment of trust to express the highest potential of your professional and personal projects.

Rising to your highest potential – Mentorship – Explore the French version while we finish translating the French content to English.