Choosing to Innovate Performance

Currently, the performance pattern promotes the pursuit of “more” in everything, and success is often gained at the expense of another sphere of our lives, such as health, relationships, or finances.

If you live in this relentless quest to perform, both personally and professionally, chances are you don’t always feel comfortable or feel that you’re operating in your best, most optimal emotional, decision-making, and physical state.

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How are you feeling?

Do you feel exhausted or on the verge of exhaustion? Impatient? Anxious?

Does your work take up all the space in your life?

Has your quality of life diminished over time?

Do you always need something ``more`` to be happy?

Do you feel trapped in your current lifestyle and the comparisons?

Are you confused or even paralyzed when it comes to decision-making?

Do you struggle with time and money?

Are you addicted to adrenaline?

Do you feel that you're not good enough?

Are you blocked in the projects that really inspire you?

Are you afraid of success? Of failing?

Are you haunted by the fear of judgment?



To succeed in performing to the standard of today’s society, it’s virtually inevitable that one area of our lives will be compromised. Success is compartmentalized. Do you know entrepreneurs who have achieved great financial success and have seen their physical and mental health impacted? Or who have lost certain relationships,whether it be with a friend, their spouse or even their children? This can be experienced to varying degrees, but human beings cannot spend their lives wanting “more and more” without becoming exhausted or overwhelmed and losing their “joie de vivre” in the process. We fall into “survival” mode, and it’s as though this is the only possible way since we were programmed that way as opposed to experiencing “life” and the appreciation of the human experience in all its greatness. Is this the case for you?

We often wait until we’ve hit a wall due to burnout, a separation, or an illness before choosing something different. By wanting to perform and conform to the expectations that we perceive society and others have of us, we change ourselves. It’s as though we’ve forgotten the beauty and power of our uniqueness by wearing different masks to protect ourselves, to try to “fit in” and to be loved.

Innovative Performance…

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions in the “How do you feel” section, welcome to the world of Innovative performance! Tools and resources are available for you to experience it daily by freeing yourself from the need for relentless effort, from the expectations that create pressure on yourself and others, from the need for control that generates impatience and keeps your ” hamster ” spinning. Does this resonate with you?

Synaxon Expansion invites you to choose to perform in a way that energizes rather than exhausts. This is another way to Innovate Performance where fluidity, efficiency, and connection to the heart of who we are favors exponential expansion in both your professional and personal life. We’re talking about performance that fulfills from within.



Freedom from performance patterns and limiting beliefs and programming

Emotional self-regulation and a significant decrease in anxiety

Clarity in making optimal decisions for you and your projects

Connection to your intuition and creativity

Enhanced overall well-being, health, and vitality

A 'renewed' appreciation of life in all its facets

Increased resilience and capacity of your ``internal battery

Freedom from the masks used to perform

Increased quality of presence and a broader 360-degree view

Welcoming new perspectives to navigate uncertainty

Solidity and clarity in daily choices

3 Commitment Levels & Types of Available Resources

To facilitate your exploration of the various resources available to you, we have provided the legend below. You can find it under the Services section.


Discover the essence of Synaxon Expansion’s approach and the return to the essence of business through various free resources, some without direct assistance from us.

Innovative Performance Quiz – Online Tool – Explore the French version while we finish translating the French content to English.

Blog Articles about Innovative Performance – Available in French only

Performer Autrement au Quotidien Podcasts – Available in French only.

Welcoming Expansion – Bilingual Facebook group


Experience the resources created and offered by Synaxon Expansion, which allow you to know and become aware of new possible avenues to return to the essence of business and place humans at the heart of every project.

Les Masques de la Performance – Workshop – Explore the French version while we finish translating the French content to English.

Choosing to Innovate Performance – 3-month Mentorship – Explore the French version while we finish translating the French content to English.

Private call – Explore the French version while we finish translating the French content to English.

Mentorat Plein Air – Mentorship – Explore the French version while we finish translating the French content to English.


To be accompanied in taking your inspirations and putting them into action and concrete manifestation. Through our assistance, you have the opportunity to make a conscious choice and commitment to connecting to your uniqueness and excellence. We create an environment of trust to express the highest potential of your professional and personal projects.

Choosing to Innovate Performance – Mentoring – Explore the French version while we finish translating the French content to English.