Activating Authentic and Powerful leadership

Traditional leadership dictates that the company or team leader is a frontline warrior, a hero with an answer for everything, the only one who can, or should, carry the company upon their shoulders.

To find out more about the subject, we invite you to watch this video.

Would you say this model is efficient and stimulating? …perhaps not?

If you’re in the ‘perhaps not’ category, then it’s no wonder that you find yourself browsing this section of our website as you may be experiencing one of the following situations:

Team disengagement and disempowerment

Employee turnover, absenteeism, and/or Presenteeism

Team disharmony

Sub-optimal productivity

A team that operates in silos

Displays of stress and anxiety, such as anger, avoidance, and discouragement

Lack of initiative, proactivity, and creativity

A feeling of loneliness and/or inadequacy and a fear of not being good enough

A sense of having to repeat the same things over and over again

Doubts regarding management’s efficiency

Information not flowing smoothly

A lack of enthusiasm and confidence

For Synaxon Expansion, each of these “disturbing” and ” suboptimal” situations is a wonderful opportunity for expansion where you can choose to powerfully activate authentic leadership right now.

What is authentic and powerful leadership?



In traditional leadership, the leader’s main functions are planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Decisions are mainly made in a hierarchical manner with a “top-down” dynamic, and consciously (or unconsciously) individual competition is encouraged in order to climb the corporate ladder to achieve more powerful positions. In this race to the top, there are winners, and there are losers. This creates a high-pressure environment where personal gain often supersedes the company’s success and reason for being.


May the best man win! This model has certainly proven to deliver financial results and comes with the valorization of performance at all costs. On the other hand, according to statistics on absenteeism and the cost of work-related stress, as well as what people are presently seeking, the current model seems ripe for renewal!

Excerpt from the Morneau Sheppel study “The True Face of Workplace Absenteeism”:

  • 52% of occasional absences are not related to illness.
  • 90% of employees believe that a psychologically healthy workplace is a productive workplace.

According to participants, Presenteeism is also a problem.

  • Employees are more likely than employers to say that Presenteeism is a serious problem in their workplaces.
  • A lack of organizational support for mental wellness was found to be a predictor of Presenteeism as well as non-illness related absenteeism.

According to Gallup, only 13% of the global workforce is actively engaged at work!

The Corporate Leadership Council studied the level of engagement of 50,000 employees worldwide to learn about its impact on performance and turnover rates. Here are the two key findings:

Companies with engaged employees grow profits 3 times faster than their competitors.

Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their company.

McLean & Company found that a disillusioned employee costs about $3,400 for every $10,000 of annual salary.

When a manager recognizes an employee’s contribution, his or her engagement level increases by 60%.

Another organizational opportunity is possible at the very heart of performance. Hierarchy is increasingly horizontal, and people are at the heart of every decision. Decisions are made in a manner where all company functions are equally important. The leader is, therefore, at the service of the team, hence the essence of Stewardship. Their main function is to inspire and assist each team member in rising to their highest potential. Competition makes way for collaboration. The leader creates an environment where everyone can shine in a climate of interconnectedness and harmony.

This is what Synaxon Expansion offers by inviting you to activate authentic and powerful leadership.


The leader is committed to creating an environment where it is possible and easy to be at one’s best, to understand how each person uniquely contributes to the success of the business and actions are aligned with the purpose. This type of environment fosters commitment and greatly reduces the need for supervision and control. Performance indicators provide clarity on required actions, not blame. Each person shines, can express themselves to their fullest potential while experiencing a safe and healthy work environment and harmonious relationships. This creates creative and harmonious team interaction, operational efficiency and is reflected in productivity, customer service quality and everyone’s physical and mental health.

Rather than being the sole focus, performance and profits become the product of each individual’s unique, committed contribution aligned with the expression of the company’s highest potential.

Do you feel the power, fluidity, and exponential expansion that this type of leadership offers?



Builds and strengthens commitment

Optimizes efficiency, productivity, and harmonious team dynamics

Increases harmony, joy, and creativity

Improves retention rates and internal recruitment referrals

Promotes initiative, proactivity, and agility

Optimizes each individual's influence

Promotes authentic and fluid communication

Highlights the company's uniqueness and the team's complementarity

Promotes well-being and a heightened quality of life


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