M.Sc and Hearthmath certified trainer

Inspired by the expansion, efficiency, creativity, well-being, and growth of her clients, Hélène Savignac’s raison d’être is to invite entrepreneurs and their teams to Innovate Performance. By integrating heart intelligence within business, Hélène proposes a whole new way of performing with increased vitality, power, and fluidity for a caring and authentic leadership.


After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship and a Master of science in management on Succession Planning and Family Business at HEC of Montreal, she first experienced the traditional approach of the business world in the field as a manager. She was well on her way to taking over the third-generation family business when she had the opportunity to actively participate in its sale a few years later.


She founded her own company, Synaxon, in 2002 and has been coaching entrepreneurs, managers, and families in business ever since. Over the years, it became clear to her that the traditional approach based on performance, effort, and the never-ending quest for “more” was very limiting, exhausting even. This observation led her to explore other, more innovative approaches, and above all, to consider the human being from a 360° perspective. Much like what she proposes to her clients, she was also accompanied by exceptional mentors. As a result, she developed her unique approach, Innovating Performance, based on the heart’s intelligence in business. Coupled with this experience and inspired by new tools, she trained with the HeartMath Institute and obtained a Certified Resilience Advantage Program Trainer Diploma.


Today, Hélène assists her clients in expressing their highest potential while placing humans at the heart of each project and allowing each person to shine through their uniqueness. Since then, she has been amazed to see first-hand how this naturally impacts management’s well-being and that of each team member. And that’s in addition to an improved customer experience, the quality of services offered, and the company’s profitability, simultaneously generating a high degree of commitment and a harmonious culture for all!

“When I see that a Leader is glowing and in harmony in all areas of their life, it brings me profound joy because I also know that they will want the same for all those around them. It’s a return to the essence of business!”

– Hélène Savignac

Few accomplishments

Author of a Master's thesis in Management in Succession Planning and Family Business

Succession and executive management of the family business

Speaker on several occasions about leadership and business succession in Quebec and France

Coached several hundred executives in the private and public sectors (automotive, construction, professional services, manufacturing, distribution, etc.)

Pioneer in the introduction and sharing of the Innovative Performance approach in the business world, integrating resilience and heart intelligence

My Journey…

Coming soon. Only the French version is available at the present time.

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