Welcomes You!

How would you like to return to the essence of business and experience performance that revitalizes by shifting from effort and expectation towards the zone of excellence and welcoming opportunities? Would you like to free yourself from the need for control and the fear of missing out to welcome fluidity, creativity, and an abundance of resources?

As utopian or simplistic as it may sound, it is a very real choice, and it is what we’re experiencing with our clients. It’s what we call a paradigm shift.

For Synaxon Expansion, the return to the essence of business is to assist entrepreneurs in placing people at the heart of every project.

To learn more about our approach, we invite you to view this video. This video is available in French only.


To share our unique contribution to the local, national or international community. At its core, it’s as simple as doing what you love and are good at in the service of others. This contribution is then honored with money or products and services, which used to be called “bartering”. Each in our own way, we collaborate in building the world. With the passing of time, we have become somewhat disconnected from this purity and simplicity for a variety of reasons.

Placing people at the heart of every project allows everyone to connect to their unique contribution and shine. This is the essence of business in its purest form! Therefore, performance and success become the result of this powerful connection and not the other way around. When we strive to perform at all costs, we lose sight of and disconnect from this uniqueness. We often have unfulfilled expectations that create anger, guilt, and blame, and we place pressure on ourselves to work hard to succeed, which leads us to “hyper-performance” and the pursuit for ” more and more.” The traditional performance pattern, still very present and valued, pushes us to foster the need to be the best rather than being unique and favors competition rather than collaboration.

The Essence of Business Equation


Here are the types of projects in which Synaxon Expansion would be honored to accompany you in moving from “theory, ideas, intentions, and words” to “practice and concrete application” by returning to the essence of business and placing people at the heart of each project:

Activating caring, authentic, and resilient leadership

Innovate performance, individually or through a corporate program

Creation and harmonization of a business partnership

Expansion of a business or a project

The efficient expression of your uniqueness and that of the company

Optimize and solidify the team's level of commitment

Optimize the team's productivity with the Entrepreneurial Trilogy

Optimize the team's complementarity

Create and update the company's raison d'être, vision, and guidelines and turn them into an everyday reality

Harmonize interpersonal conflicts

Bring clarity, fluidity, and authenticity to your communications

Develop resilience for greater professional and personal efficiency

The planning and guidance for your business transfer project

3 Commitment Levels & Types of Available Resources

To facilitate your exploration of the various resources available to you, we have provided the legend below. You can find it under the Services sections.


Discover the essence of Synaxon Expansion’s approach and the return to the essence of business through various free resources, and some without direct assistance from us.

Types of available resources in English: private FB group “Welcoming Expansion”, Quiz
Types of available resources in French: Blog articles, private FB group “Welcoming Expansion,” Quiz, Conference, Video clips, Podcast “Innovate Performance daily,” Online tools without assistance


Experience the resources created and offered by Synaxon Expansion, which allow you to know and become aware of new possible avenues to return to the essence of business and place humans at the heart of every project.

Types of available resources in English: Private calls, Mentoring in the great outdoors
Types of available resources in French: Online tools with or without assistance, Online programs, 1 to 3-day workshops, Private calls, Mentoring in the great outdoors


To be accompanied in taking your inspirations and putting them into action and concrete manifestation. Through our assistance, you have the opportunity to make a conscious choice and commitment to connecting to your uniqueness and excellence. We create an environment of trust to express the highest potential of your professional and personal projects.

Types of resources available: 6-month, 12-month, and 5-day mentoring retreats.