Private calls packages

From: $900.00 / month

Prices are in Canadian dollars. Taxes are applicable based on your place of residence.


Private videoconference call packages of 60 or 90 minutes via the Zoom platform with direct assistance from Hélène.


The 60-minute calls are available for individual assistance or for a maximum of two persons.  


The 90-minute calls are available for group assistance of 3 to 8 participants


TO RESERVE YOUR PRIVATE CALLS: Once the transaction is completed, we will send you an invoice containing the link to access Hélène’s calendar and reserve your call dates.


For more details and for inspiration on what to expect during the calls, see the description below. 


During these private calls, Hélène will assist you on topics you may be experiencing or feel you need to explore on an individual basis, or with other team members. Here are some suggestions:

  • Activate the equation of EFFICIENCY, HARMONY and POWER in your company, your project, your professional and/or personal life


  • Optimize leadership efficiency within the company


  • Integrate “Innovating Performance” into your daily life and experience fluidity in all areas of your life


  • Rise to your highest potential as an entrepreneur and/or as a company


  • Activate the intelligence of the heart in business and connect with ease to your creativity and intuition


  • Answer your questions related to business growth and team synergy. “The right person in the right place for the right reasons


  • Embrace the opportunities for expansion that come your way


  • Harmonize relationships with and amongst team members, collaborators and clients. Address discomforts and unspoken issues powerfully with confidence and authenticity.


  • Creating and harmonizing a business partnership


  • The planning and success of your business transfer project

Should you have any questions, we invite you to contact us at

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